Interested in Sponsoring?!

We are a new volunteer-run developer conference coming to the Jackson, MS area with a focus on web-based technologies. We also happen to be Mississippi's first-ever developer conference! It's called the MagnoliaJS, and it's landing in the Jackson area on Thursday, April 18, 2019! Our mission is to bring together a diverse group of around 200 web developers and friends to learn new skills and concepts and to network and develop new relationships. With this conference, we want to contribute to the cultivation of a welcoming, inclusive, and dynamic tech scene throughout the Southeast and beyond, as well as give visitors a positive Mississippi experience to help foster growth in our local tech community.

Here's your chance to contribute to that mission! We're looking for the best companies to partner with us and help to make the First Annual MagnoliaJS Conference a success. And with your contribution, it will be!

Our team has created opportunities for sponsorship at a number of levels to make it easier for you to support our team of volunteers in bringing this about.

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Where is my money going?

Proceeds from MagnoliaJS will be used to help cultivate the developer community in Mississippi. Since this is our first year, this could mean putting the money into expanded speaker and attendee benefits and outreach for next year. It could mean helping aspiring programmers through bootcamp scholarships. It could mean sponsoring local Meetup groups around JavaScript and related technologies. We’re excited about the possibilities, and we welcome your input!

None of these sponsorship tiers fit your needs? Have more questions? Reach out to the Sponsorship team at

We can work together to come up with a custom sponsorship package that will work for you!